CICより追加書類請求!Email from CIC for additional DOC!


2013, 4/11   働き始める
start work
(in half a year, can apply nominee program)
2013, 10/11     MPNP申請 →マニトバへ申請
Apply MPNP to Manitoba
2014, 01/07 ノミニー通過!レターが届く!!日付は12/31付
Nominated!! Got letter. the date of letter was 12/31, 2013.
I was preparing document for apply CIC from before but I spent one month on this time.

2014, 02/05   エキスプレスで送る
sent by express.
2014, 02/10 シドニーへ到着
arrived Sydney
2014, 03/11 メディカルチェックを受けてください通知がメールで届く。すぐ予約電話をするも、ずいぶん先になってしまう。
Got email to go to Medical check. It was crowded. Needed to wait almost one month.
2014, 04/09 メディカルチェック
Medical check.

after that, waiting long long time without any information.


in June, we needed to inform to CIC about status change.
I renewed my work permit and my hubby changed from student permit to work permit.
I sent copy to CIC by regular mail.
But I didn’t get any notice from CIC so I tried to inform again by Email attached visa copy PDF what I sent.


after that, I didn’t contact anything, just wait…wait…wait….

そして08/16 土曜日にCICからメール!

and I got email from CIC on Sat, 8/16.


Need additional document.
they want information of February to present.

私が持ってる、General Managerに書いてもらったReferenceは1月24日づけ。。。
そして、月曜にGeneral マネに頼もうとすると、1週間の夏休みに入ってしまったとのことで、彼のデスクがあるオフィスは真っ暗。。。土曜に彼、働いてたのに!!なんて入れ違いなんだろうか。。。

what I have reference in my hand has the date of 1/24.
so I tried to ask making same reference with current date again.
BUT! the general manager is gone…
he is on the vacation from Monday… I saw on last Saturday in the afternoon but I found email of CIC on Saturday evening.

I have to wait 1 week!!! that is waste time…



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